SkyWorks Announces Q4 2016 Activities

Greenwich, CT
January 25, 2017

SkyWorks Announces Q4 2016 Activities

SkyWorks Holdings today announced transactions and activities performed during Q4 2016 for its Asset Management, Investment Banking & Management Consulting Groups.

Asset Management Group Activities

Asset Management Services, provided through SkyWorks Leasing, included transactions for 19 aircraft and additional services as follows:

  • On behalf of Perilune Group and SHZ Aviation, SkyWorks arranged the sale and the transfer of the related financing of nine 2013-14 vintage A319s (s/n’s 5327, 6085, 6154, 6263, 6277, 6310, 6349, 6384 and 6393) on lease to American Airlines to a Dublin, Ireland-based lessor.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks arranged the acquisition of two A320-200 aircraft on lease to American Airlines. Both aircraft were added to SkyWorks’ portfolio of aircraft under management.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks arranged the sale of four 737-300 aircraft with stub leases to Southwest Airlines.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks arranged the sale of one MD-11F aircraft and one A300-600F aircraft on lease to FedEx.On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks arranged the sale of two A319 aircraft on lease to American Airlines and one 757-200 on lease to United Airlines.
  • On behalf of a U.S. investor, SkyWorks provided investment analysis for a portfolio containing 56 aircraft.

Investment Banking & Management Consulting Group Activities

Investment Banking and Management Consulting Services, provided through SkyWorks Capital, included the following:

  • On behalf of AeroMexico, SkyWorks arranged financing for the second 787-9 aircraft delivered by Boeing to AeroMexico.                                         
  • On behalf of a confidential client, SkyWorks arranged a $150 mm Revolving Credit Facility.                                      
  • SkyWorks concluded its engagement as an advisor to GOL in the successful out-of-court restructuring of its existing fleet-related lease obligations.                                         
  • SkyWorks completed an assignment serving as advisor to a confidential operator in its trans-Atlantic joint venture negotiations.                                               
  • SkyWorks advised Fiji Airways on the acquisition of five Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and their subsequent sale and leaseback agreements with GECAS.
  • SkyWorks provided strategic advisory services to a top 10 aircraft operating lessor.                                           
  • SkyWorks continued to serve as an arranger/advisor to Delta in the SLB of 17 narrowbody aircraft (a combination of A321s and 737-900ERs) and three A330s. During the quarter, eight aircraft closings were completed with two different lessors.                                  
  • SkyWorks continued to serve as an advisor to the Unsecured Creditors Committee in the Republic Airways Chapter 11 Bankruptcy restructuring, focusing on evaluating the go forward business plan (capacity purchase agreements, fleet, cost structure) and plan of reorganization matters.                                                
  • SkyWorks was engaged by a European flag carrier to provide fleet-related advisory services.

About SkyWorks Holdings, LLC:

SkyWorks Holdings provides a full complement of asset management, investment banking, and management consulting services globally to the aviation industry through its subsidiaries SkyWorks Leasing and SkyWorks Capital. SkyWorks Leasing, which operates the firm’s Asset Management Group, is a leading independent aircraft remarketing firm and provides turnkey third-party portfolio asset management, remarketing, and technical advisory services for owners and operators of commercial aircraft. SkyWorks Capital, which operates the firm’s Investment Banking and Management Consulting Groups, is a premier aviation advisory and investment banking firm founded in 2002.              

SkyWorks has performed services encompassing over 10% of the global commercial jet fleet. SkyWorks has advised on aircraft order campaigns for over 1,100 aircraft; arranged lease and debt financing of more than $20 Billion; performed asset management and servicing on over 150 aircraft with over 80 aircraft currently under management; remarketed and traded over 250 aircraft; undertaken portfolio and M&A related evaluations on over 2,600 aircraft; performed restructuring advisory in connection with more than 1,800 aircraft; and provided network and fleet planning advisory encompassing 300 aircraft.

SkyWorks operates globally with offices in Greenwich, CT., Dublin, and Singapore, and with senior team members located in additional regions around the world.

SkyWorks is headquartered at 283 Greenwich Ave., 4th Floor, Greenwich, CT. 06830, Tel. 203-983-6677. 


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