Asset Management

  • Over 250 aircraft remarketed
  • More than 150 aircraft managed
  • Portfolio and M&A related evaluation on over 2,600 aircraft
  • Successful track record with both popular and challenging aircraft types including 737NGs, 747s, A320s, A340s, ERJs, and MD80s
  • Sales and leases to "non traditional" aircraft operators such as governments, corporations, and non-profits
  • One-stop platform covering all phases of aircraft management and remarketing
  • Comprehensive airframe and engine technical advisory capabilities
  • Proprietary analytical tools, tailored to aviation-related investments

Aircraft Management

  • Managing an aircraft or an aircraft portfolio requires a proactive approach and the experience to identify and act upon risks as well as opportunities. It requires an understanding of client objectives, the unique operating environment of the aircraft, real-time information of market opportunities for the aircraft type and the impact of a variety of commercial lease contract terms.
  • SkyWorks provides comprehensive aircraft management, with approximately 85 aircraft in our current portfolio. We maintain, manage, repossess, and remarket aircraft assets; provide lease monitoring and compliance services; manage maintenance reserve collection and payment; and negotiate both purchase and lease contracts on behalf of our clients. Not afraid to think outside the box, we have placed aircraft with atypical parties when necessary, such as corporate shuttles, governments, and oil companies, among others.

Aircraft Remarketing

  • Commercial aircraft are an attractive asset class due in part to their portability and relative liquidity. However, the demand for commercial aircraft can fluctuate widely, with various regions exhibiting greater demand than others, and for various classes of aircraft, at any given point in time. An understanding of both global and regional aircraft demand is crucial to maximizing value.
  • SkyWorks has remarketed over 250 aircraft in the past five years and offers clients a one-stop platform that covers all phases of a remarketing assignment. The SkyWorks team is in constant contact with airlines and lessors worldwide and is continuously monitoring the market for the best aircraft placement opportunities.
  • Our professionals average more than 20 years of experience with both mainstream and illiquid asset types for outright sale or lease. We provide a full spectrum of aircraft remarketing services, including market strategy formulation and identification of prospects, structuring and commercial negotiations, negotiation of documentation, and provision of aircraft delivery logistics.

Aircraft Investment Analysis & Advisory

  • Commercial aircraft represent an attractive investment class for the astute investor, though one that presents unique challenges. SkyWorks professionals have the experience, through their previous roles as both principals and advisors, to navigate the unique risk factors of the aviation industry and assist investors in capitalizing on the best market opportunities.
  • SkyWorks supports investors through our proprietary analytical tools, tailored to aviation-related investments, that assess variables such as investment valuation, market analysis, counterparty credit rating, and maintenance reserve exposure. Our analytical team regularly evaluates both general global trends in aircraft leasing and financing as well as the detailed terms and conditions of specific deals. 

Technical Services

  • Commercial aircraft are complex assets that require continuous monitoring to maintain peak performance and value. Whether an airline needs to optimize the efficiency of utilizing its fleet or an investor wants to ensure its asset retains its highest value, our clients trust SkyWorks to provide the technical services to achieve their goals.
  • SkyWorks has a unique combination of airframe and engine technical skills. We have aligned airline maintenance programs to contractual lease agreements, negotiated maintenance service contracts, managed freighter conversions, conducted inspections across the full lifecycle of an aircraft, and developed end-of-life strategies to maximize the residual value benefit at final disposal.